As a society we are protecting the bully with current anti-bullying approaches.  In an effort to insulate our children from being hurt we are not providing them with the coping skills necessary to succeed in social situations today or in the harsh world that waits them beyond school.  Stop protecting the bully by reinforcing behavior that blames others and reinforces insecurities, instead help your child gain independence and confidence through self awareness and self-love and watch bullying become an issue of the past.

For more information on my approach with youth and anti-bullying efforts, read my blog “Stop Anti-Bullying Efforts” and learn about the Confident Student Challenge Program.  There is no greater gift you can give a child than the gift of self-awareness and confidence.


For Parents

Often we parent based on our behavioral style not the style of our children and then we don’t understand why our kids “misbehave.” Understanding your child, their  natural strengths and how they process information is the key to harmony in the home, mutual respect during all phases of growth and increased confidence academically, athletically and personally.

The DISC assessment will help you understand how your child processes information so you can communicate in a way they can hear you, help you create systems for success at school and at home and allow them to develop deeper relationships with people (most importantly themselves.)

Click here to see a Sample Youth DISC Assessment and learn about the Confident Student Challenge Program.