Confident Student Challenge

Introduction:  For the past few years I have used my training in behavioral understanding with my two children to improve focus at school, address behavioral issues, overcome tween challenges and improve results in sports. The outcome has been outstanding – both kids setting standards for school and achieving honors, behavior improvements and acknowledgement from teachers, improved relationships with friends and athletic achievement in new sports.

As a result my work has extended to peak performance in young athletes, working with coaches to enhance team potential, assisting parents with behaviorally challenged children and helping youth who suffer from high anxiety.

The Goal:  To help create confident, resourceful, self-aware students between the ages of 10-15 who are prepared to overcome obstacles, face challenge and embrace compassion.   

The Process:  The student and parent sit together while the student takes an online behavioral assessment (set aside approximately 15-20 minutes), LMT Consulting receives the results and contacts the parent to schedule a 60-minute consultation with the coach, student and one adult. Following the consultation the parent receives a full 10-page report along with a written outline of systems for success based on the consultation and report results.

There is no greater gift you can give a child than the gift of self-awareness and confidence.

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