Oct 19
Parenting Corner – I Have an Artistic Child

Q. Our son is very sensitive and artistic, and my husband think he needs sports to “toughen him up” and insists he participate in two sports a year.  My son wants to please his Dad, so he does it, but he’s not happy.  I feel torn in the middle, what


Oct 17
Why Most Training Isn’t Long Lasting

We go to training sessions expecting to get results. But frequently the motivation we left with doesn’t last. When we learn a system of “how” to do something based on someone else’s behavioral style, it doesn’t feel natural to use, and we don’t get the results we wanted.…


Oct 12
Parenting Corner – My Child Has a Challenging Personality

Q. My son has a very challenging personality,  and I’m worried because he doesn’t have a lot of friends. What can I do to help him?

A. Great Question! First, be specific around your definition of “challenging.” How does having a challenging personality show up for your son? How is


Oct 10
How a New Hire Will Behave

We hire based on skill and fire based on attitude. Watch this video to learn how to attract and hire the talent your company needs!

Click here to download the LMT Consulting Ideal Employee worksheet to gain clarity into what that employee will be like.…


Oct 9
In The Office – I’m Burned Out!

Q. Although I get two weeks vacation each year, our company is struggling, so this year I didn’t take my vacation. I’m totally burned out and still don’t feel like I can leave without risking my job; what do I do?

A. Your dedication, although commendable, is detrimental to you


Oct 5
Parenting Corner – I Feel Like a Maid!

Q: I am constantly picking up my kids stuff around the house despite how many times I ask them to pick it up themselves. I feel like a maid, what can I do?

A. Great question! This can be very frustrating. Since kids can easily “turn off” their parent’s voice …


Oct 3
Stop Looking for a Job and Find a Career!

When you understand who you are, and what positions best fit your behavioral style, you are able to stop looking for a job…and find a career that you will love and thrive in!

Click here to download the Ideal Career Worksheet to help you clarify the characteristics of your Ideal …


Sep 28
Parenting Corner – Balancing the Needs of My Family

Q: I have a child with autism and find his therapies/needs consume the majority of my time. I am happy to give him everything I have but worry I am neglecting my other kids even though they say they understand. How can I find a happy balance?

A. Great question!


Sep 26
The Changing Landscape of Leadership

Being a leader is no longer one size fits all; leaders need a new approach to connect to and inspire today’s employees. Learn how understanding behavior makes you a better leader for today’s workforce. 


Sep 25
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

A year ago I was selected to serve as a juror on a murder trial.  As a citizen of the United States, I take seriously the responsibilities of juror, but took for granted its importance until I served this significant, and yet, often dreaded role.  Because of my service, the …

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