My Weekly Plan

Many people go through the week getting things “done” and don’t feel closer to achieving their goal(s).  The LMT Consulting “My Weekly Plan” has you start your week thinking about the result you want first and then filling in your goals accordingly.  Although there is no plan that guarantees success, finding one that works for you will help you reach your results faster.

Directions:  Think about the result you want to achieve for the week.  Since we know where there is emotion there is motion, get specific and be descriptive.  Then think about your 3 BIG GOALS for the week and how they support your result.  Pick the top 5 items that will get you to your goal fastest this week. You may not get to all 5; remember this is not a “to do” list, although it will help you achieve more focused action.   Whatever doesn’t fit into your 3 BIG GOALS goes into the OTHER section.  This area allows you to get the “busy” items off your mind however these items are NOT your focus.  They do not receive your attention until everything else is complete.  Finally, the My Daily Rituals section gives you a place to monitor healthy habits you are committed to each day.   Click here to download the My Weekly Plan Worksheet.