Oct 23
In The Office – I’m a Perfectionist!

Q. When working on projects, planning events and even corresponding with people, I like to make sure it’s perfect.  The challenge is I know I spend more time than necessary which is preventing me from getting all my work done.  What can I do?

A. A high attention to detail is commendable but attempts to “make sure it’s perfect” is a total time-waster.  In an effort to achieve “perfect” you sacrifice precious time that could be spent on the next project.  Set hard deadlines in your schedule for everything from emails to projects – writing down the deadline in a calendar has a stronger impact on the subconscious minds and makes you more likely to follow-through.  With each deadline give yourself extra time so you are comfortable with your effort but not so much time it is unnecessarily delayed or keeps you from moving on to your next task.  Remember, what is perfect for you will not be perfect for another behavioral style, so focus on progress and momentum instead – they will get you to your result faster.

laughingLaura Treonze, serves as Chief Life Strategist with LMT Consulting, which helps executives and teams create massive success through self-awareness. Her life-changing approach has transformed individuals and families and has redefined the way non-profits and corporations “do” business.