Jan 18
Parenting Paragraph – Am I spoiling my baby?

Q: My baby cries a lot and is instantly soothed when I pick her up. My extended family says I’m spoiling her. Am I doing the wrong thing by picking her up?

A:  Great question! The most important thing for you to know as a parent is there is NO RIGHT and there is NO WRONG way to do it. Once you remove the judgment of right or wrong, you can gain clarity on the experience you want for you and your baby. People who are quick to offer advice are giving it based on their behavioral style and their experience. Although external advice can be helpful, you must focus on creating YOUR ideal parenting experience.

With that being said, parents often overlook the long-term consequence of their actions. In the beginning, parents want to hold their new baby. As time goes on and life gets busy (back to work/another child) those same parents can become overwhelmed, aggravated and even annoyed by their child’s need to be held. You are teaching your child life lessons the moment they come out of the womb. At some point your baby will need to learn to self-soothe and you get to decide that point in time. Create a plan (at least mental one) for these transitions and it won’t matter how much you hold your baby or what your extended family says about it.

laughingLaura Treonze, serves as Chief Life Strategist with LMT Consulting, which helps executives and teams create massive success through self-awareness. Her life-changing approach has transformed individuals and families and has redefined the way non-profits and corporations “do” business.