Jun 14
Repost – It’s Halftime

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice.  It’s nothing to be waited for;  it is a thing to be achieved” – William Jennings Bryan

It’s mid-way through the year, a perfect time to reflect on the first half of 2015.

Start by celebrating your success. Maybe you implemented new morning rituals, established a daily hour of power, started incantations, changed your eating habits, committed to weekly coaching sessions, or achieved a major professional goal; whatever you have done it’s important to stop and celebrate your wins.

Then look at the areas where you may need to re-align, re-focus, and/or re-calibrate your projections to ensure you hit the goals you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Remember to review your goals without judgment, it’s important to monitor and measure to know where to make changes. Evaluate with curiosity so you can stay resourceful and find ways to move forward.

Finally, gain the momentum you need by asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I on track to meet my 2015 goals?
  • Am I earning what I want to achieve my financial outcomes?
  • Do I have the level of energy necessary to reach my outcomes?
  • Am I focused on my 20%?
  • Am I excited about my intimate relationship?
  • Am I bringing my “A Game” each and every day?
  • If you are not where you want to be, what prevents you from being there today?

Don’t try to catch-up because you will continue to feel behind. Start from where you are and move toward what you want. When is NOW a great time to create momentum?

laughingLaura Treonze, serves as Chief Life Strategist with LMT Consulting, which helps executives and teams create massive success through self-awareness. Her life-changing approach has transformed individuals and families and has redefined the way non-profits and corporations “do”