For those looking to test the waters of training dive into our mastermind sessions, live events or on-line programs. Each offers an introduction to the DISC tool and introduces the benefits of behavioral understanding.  Sessions also include a FREE DISC Assessment, option for one-on-one coaching and an online community to ensure learning extends beyond the seminar.

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Available private group presentations include:

Human Resource Professionals – Introduces Human Resource professionals to the benefits of utilizing behavioral understanding through DISC, Motivators and Acumen in hiring AND retaining the best employees.  Benefits include: hiring behaviorally qualified professionals, increased employee retention, improved internal communication, improved team efforts, greater employee satisfaction and engagement, enhanced company culture, to name a few.

Sales– Introduces sales professionals to behavioral understanding through DISC with focus on interpreting their own behavioral style so they can better recognize the behavioral styles of clients, colleagues and managers.  Benefits include: capitalizing on natural strengths, attracting qualified clients, staying motivated through self-awareness and managing conversations to close deals.

Parent-Teacher Associations – This presentation works with parents to introduce the 4 DISC behavioral styles, how to understand their own behavior and techniques and ways to recognize their children’s behavioral style.  Through self awareness we discuss systems for successful communication and mutual respect.   The benefits of the program include:  greater self-awareness, improved communication techniques and better understanding of their children’s learning style.

College Students/College Career Services – This program offers students an introduction to the DISC behavioral analysis,how to use behavioral understanding in class, at home and when searching for their ideal job.  The session included individual assessments for all attendees, basic DISC materials and  group/team-building exercises.  Benefits include:  greater self awareness, increased confidence during interviews, strategic understanding of  which jobs offer greatest potential for success, and so much more.