Feb 22
Parenting Paragraph – My ex’s new girlfriend

Q:  My ex-husband’s new girlfriend, who I have not met, is taking my daughter out shopping for the day.  My daughter is excited but I’m totally uncomfortable with the situation, what can I do?  

A: Great question!  It’s important to first explore your discomfort.  What specifically are you uncomfortable with?  …


Feb 20
You Decide How Clients Treat You

Are you at the beck and call of clients who abuse your time, or are you setting healthy expectations and working with your Ideal Client?…


Feb 15
Parenting Paragraph – Picky eater

Q:  My son is really picky eater; once allergies were ruled out I told him I wasn’t willing to make special meals because he doesn’t like what I’m cooking. However, he refuses to eat so I end up making him something different 5 to 7 nights a week.  What do


Feb 13
Being stuck is your choice

You may not like your options, but chances are, some exist.…


Feb 12
In the Office – I can’t get ahead financially

Q.  I started working as an independent contractor three years ago. Since then, I have incurred a huge amount of debt and I can’t seem to get ahead financially.  I really enjoy my freedom and don’t want to go back to a traditional job, what should I do?

A. Great


Feb 8
Parenting Paragraph – When to give a child a phone

Q:  My 3rd grader wants a phone and I notice most of his friends have one but I think he’s too young.  What is the best age for a kid to get a smart phone?

A.  Great question! There are many differing opinions on this topic. Like most areas of …


Feb 6
DISC for hiring

Hiring someone based on what they think you want to hear is more costly than not filling a position.…


Feb 1
Parenting Paragraph – My newborn is always hungry

Q:  I’m not producing enough breast milk to keep my newborn son satisfied.  I understand and believe in the importance of breastfeeding but I’m frustrated and he’s always crying, what should I do?

A: Great question! You are not alone, this is a challenge many new moms face.  What is …


Jan 30
The Gift of DISC

The power of understanding DISC is it allows you to fully understand and accept who you are, which allows you to accept others.…


Jan 25
Parenting Paragraph – Social media and my kids

Q:  I don’t like to post photos of my children on social media but I feel pressured by family and friends to share because everyone else does. I’m considering it but I’m still on the fence, do you have any advice?

A:  Great question! Like lemmings jumping to a mass …

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