Nov 21
Prospecting Reluctance

Prospecting activities for salespeople frequently includes cold calling–but this prospecting method doesn’t work for a majority of behavioral styles.  Learn how the DISC assessment can free your energy to prospect for new clients in a way that you’re comfortable with, allowing you to focus on consistent communications.…


Nov 20
In the Office – My Colleague is Rude

Q. I care a lot about the people on my team, so it’s frustrating when one of my “intellectual” colleagues with whom we collaborate talks down to them, is rude and insulting to the group.  What can I do to improve the situation for me and my team?  

A.  Great


Nov 16
Parenting Paragraph – My kids are horrible at restaurants

Q: I can’t get my kids to stay seated in a restaurant!  It disturbs other people because they are so out of control, but I can’t stop them. How do I get them to behave?

A. Great question! Remember you are the parent and you set the standards for behavior …


Nov 14
Energy of “Being”

Are you pushing and hitting a brick wall in your efforts to get something done? If so, maybe you need to step back and stop “doing” and start “being” to get the results you want.…


Nov 10
Parenting Paragraph – Our Son Wants to Quit His Team

Q: My son is an excellent athlete who often plays on elite teams; recently his high school coach suggested he practice with a particular team during pre-season however the team is horrible and my son is miserable after every practice. He wants to quit but my husband and I think


Nov 7
Is Your Partner Not Listening to You–or Not Hearing You?

Different behavioral styles learn and hear differently…so if your husband/wife doesn’t seem to be listening to you, maybe it’s time to improve your communication skills based on the DISC assessment so you can communicate in a way that you are being heard.…


Nov 6
In the Office – My Direct Report is Confrontational

Q.  I have a very hardworking yet confrontational direct report.  I find when we disagree I take responsibility for the disagreement to prevent the situation from escalating and in hopes she takes some responsibility as well, but she doesn’t.  How can I get her to see her role in a


Nov 3
Parenting Paragraph – My Kids Keep Interrupting Me!

Q. I have a 5 and 7 year old who are constantly interrupting me when I’m having a conversation with another adult; it drives me crazy, what can I do?

A. Great question! Most parents attempt to address the issue when it’s happening, which has a short-term impact or no …


Oct 31
Being Perfect

We get caught up in wanting to make things “perfect”, but you can’t be perfect for all behavioral styles! So define what that means for you, what is the experience that you want in each moment and enjoy the process.…


Oct 26
Parenting Corner – My 14 year old is Mature Looking

Q:  I’m a worried parent! My 14 year old daughter is very mature looking for her age….and much older boys at school are asking her out on dates. 

A. Great question. Regardless of how mature your child appears, it’s important to know the logical side of the brain doesn’t …

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