Gaby D., Coach

“Laura you are the Queen of DISC!  Not only did it help me make breakthroughs with many clients but it also helped me adjust my communication with my family.  Awesome tool, awesome coach!!”

Kerry E., Mom

“Working with Laura will give you a deeper self-understanding and empower your personality type so that you can negotiate the workplace, relationships, the classroom, and even the court with tools for success.”

Linda P., Realtor

“I learned so much about myself – the DISC explains why some of my past jobs weren’t right for me and Laura insights and review were invaluable.”

Maria C., Realtor

“I was so impressed with how the (DISC) assessment was right on professionally and personally.  We all know our personal strengths and weaknesses but to see it in black and white helps put it all into perspective.  It will prove extremely valuable as I create my business plan for next year.”

Laura K., Realtor

“The DISC helped direct me to the people I want to do business with and focus on the things I love to do while leveraging other professionals and systems everywhere else.”

Nicole E., Realtor

“Having heard about the DISC system in the past I was skeptical. I was blown away by the accuracy of the results and have used it as a guide in my daily professional and personal life ever since.  Thank you Laura for showing me my strengths and my challenges.”

Cristin J., Realtor

“I give my highest recommendation for Laura Treonze.  In fact, I wish everyone could experience spending time with Laura. I got so much out of our coaching sessions and I am always left feeling lighter, happier and full of hope.  I also felt more confident about my skills and abilities and had more drive to accomplish my goals.  I was able to share tough stuff , private stuff and things that held me back and she handled it with care and kept me accountable for my actions.  In addition to meeting the goals I set for myself, I had more fun and joy along the process.  Her joy, enthusiasm, passion and knowledge are infectious.  I always wanted to be better –  I thank Laura for partnering with me to make it possible!”

Karen C., Realtor

“I have completed a DISC assessment before but this time Laura took the time to explain everything to me. It was a learning experience on hearing how she interpreted the information and that is what made the difference for me.”

Pam D., COO turned Life Coach

“Laura is an amazing transformer. I had worked with a therapist in the past for many years to get through a difficult stage in my life. But, working with Laura for a little bit over a year now and I have never felt so fulfilled and in touch with who I am. I am growing every day to be my true self – which I never gave the chance to grow. It is freeing and a surreal experience. Thank you is not enough to say for giving me vision and abundance! Looking forward to sharing the same empowerment with others.”

Joe J., Realtor

“Thanks for all your help. In 2015 I have more closed and pending than all of 2013 and 14 together. Blessed to have you as my coach.”

Terry V., Realtor

“I just need to share my success with you because I attribute so much to you. I got agent of the month this month and just found out that I got regional recognition for being the number one in our region for sales in the month of March.”

Christine R., Realtor & Team Leader

“Thank you Laura Treonze for truly making our team’s recharge everything I dreamed it to be!! There are no words to describe the leadership you brought to me and my team today!!!”

Angi B., Life Coach

“I just want to thank you for all your help. I had an $8000 coaching fee month – and that is from just one office! I haven’t even gotten paid from the other office that I am working with, so I am expecting to hit $10,000 this month.”

Debra R., Teacher

“After learning about the type of behavioral style my 9 year old daughter has, it has helped our family tremendously with communicating more effectively with her. Over that last few months, we have seen a positive turn around with her ability to process her life events and change her interpretation of them in a way that benefits her self-esteem.”

Doug C., Realtor, Investor & Coach

“As a coach and mentor for my real estate business, Laura challenged me to do the things I ENJOY doing in the business, and to focus on growing the skills I naturally possess. She always reminded me that the things I don’t really enjoy doing that bog me down in my workflow might just be things someone else enjoys, and that’s a great foundation for a successful partnership or team.”

Alexis D., Mom

“My experience with Laura can be best described as a big deep breath into personal acceptance. Laura’s extensive knowledge of the DISC profile and her detailed one on one explanation gave me a better understanding of myself, my style of communication and my natural personality traits. There is such a relief that comes from learning your decisions are based on personality traits and not merely personal faults. My marriage has improved, my friendships have improved and I am a better mother. Laura is passionate, intelligent and compassionate. She exudes this through her work. It is amazing to think a few hours of time spent with her will forever change your life.”

David B., Real Estate Investor

“The disc assessment combined with Laura’s understanding and guidance is a valuable tool every business owner MUST uncover.  A lot of things that didn’t make sense started making sense after I sat down with Laura and we reviewed my DISC assessment together.  From that meeting, I was able to approach my business and personal life with a new level of consciousness and understanding.  Thank you Laura”

Todd T., IT Executive Retail

“Thank you Laura for pushing me to better understand who I am as well as how to read others through the DISC.  Working with you is a huge reason I was able to achieve my promotion to Vice President.  I am truly grateful!”

Heather H., College Career Services

“Laura’s teaching of the DISC assessment provides the opportunity for you to explore your own patterns and behaviors and how those may be perceived by others.  Being equipped with this information allows you to better understand the varying dynamics that come into play in your professional and personal life, allowing for better communication and problem solving. For my students, DISC was a valuable tool in that you could see how they reflected on their own behaviors, which is not easy for undergrads. In some cases, this prompted them to think about ways to present information or even themselves differently to achieve their goals.”