Dec 12
Parenting Today

Do you feel like you are parenting all wrong? You might be. Often we parent based on our behavioral style not our child’s. Listen in to learn more.…


Dec 7
Parenting Paragraph – Home for the Holidays

Q: Since our children were young, we have traveled to see family for the holidays. Now they are getting older and have started to mention they want to stay home Christmas Day; what should I do?

A. Great question! The real question is what do YOU want to do? Some …


Dec 5
Your Life Experience is your #1 Job

Understanding your behavioral style will help you show up as your best self, at work and at home. Learn how LMT Consulting can help.…


Dec 4
In the Office – How do I find balance?

Q. My job is extremely demanding; how can I find a work-life balance?

A. Great question! Work-life balance is more of a counter-balance since it’s rare anyone can consistently split their time or attention 50/50. Even if you enjoy your work, it’s important to remember you teach people how to …


Nov 30
Parenting Paragraph – Our 4 year old is acting out!

Q. I recently had a new baby and our 4-year old daughter is acting out.  Sometimes I’m afraid she is going to hurt the baby.  What should I do?  

A. Great question! Remember, this is a big transition for your daughter. She has been the  main focus of your attention …


Nov 28
Let’s talk finances!

Talking about finances can be stressful! Explore new approaches to budgeting – think of ways to increase how much you earn.…


Nov 24
Parenting Paragraph – My 5 yr old won’t sleep in her own bed!

Q. My daughter is 5 and sleeps in our bed every night. It was fine when she was little but it’s impacting my sleep and my relationship with my husband. She refuses to go to bed in her room; how do I get her to sleep in her own bed?


Nov 21
Prospecting Reluctance

Prospecting activities for salespeople frequently includes cold calling–but this prospecting method doesn’t work for a majority of behavioral styles.  Learn how the DISC assessment can free your energy to prospect for new clients in a way that you’re comfortable with, allowing you to focus on consistent communications.…


Nov 20
In the Office – My Colleague is Rude

Q. I care a lot about the people on my team, so it’s frustrating when one of my “intellectual” colleagues with whom we collaborate talks down to them, is rude and insulting to the group.  What can I do to improve the situation for me and my team?  

A.  Great


Nov 16
Parenting Paragraph – My kids are horrible at restaurants

Q: I can’t get my kids to stay seated in a restaurant!  It disturbs other people because they are so out of control, but I can’t stop them. How do I get them to behave?

A. Great question! Remember you are the parent and you set the standards for behavior …