Dec 19
The Simple Plan

Are you ready for the New Year?  If not, NOW is the perfect time to set yourself up to win in 2015!

Did you know 95% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions never follow through?  The reason is most people wait to start planning (or they don’t plan at all) and they don’t understand the secret behind producing lasting results.  You are not like most people so it’s time to take massive action toward your future NOW!



Nov 26
You Are Not An Average Person


‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for family, festivities, food and fun, for some it’s also a time of lists, limited rest, lack of self-care and lots to do.  The average person celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas gains weight and puts their goals on hold from November 15th to the New …


Nov 6
Mastering Your Fear



“Excessive fear and self-doubt are the greatest detractors of personal genius”. 

Robert Kiyosaki


During the Halloween festivities this past weekend I started to think about what scares us. When you ask people what they are afraid of they mention everything from shadows in the night and sounds from …


Oct 8


In New England the third quarter coincides with the visible change of seasons – leaves falling, crisp autumn air moving in and the animals preparing for winter.   For many businesses this quarter is their time to stock up for a slower season while for other businesses it’s time to …


Sep 25



We say we want a specific result but then don’t take the consistent daily action necessary to achieve it.  What prevents a seemingly motivated person from making progress toward his/her goals?


Most people are dabblers who pretend to be committed.  Dabblers are in the game but are not in the game to win it.   They say they are committed to an outcome and then use softeners with themselves when they don’t achieve the result.  Top softeners (stories/excuses people


Sep 15

Patience is a virtue…or is it?  How do we reconcile this age-old wisdom in today’s fast paced society?

In our search for instant gratification we have lost the capacity to tolerate delay.   The truth is most of the things that trigger impatience – a slow driver in front of you,


Sep 9
Are You A Champion?

When most people think about being a champion they associate it with defeating a rival or fighting for a cause.  Images of trophies, awards and public recognition are closely linked to the definition.   As a result most people don’t consider themselves a champion and most often because they don’t champion


Sep 3


The Myth: I can do it all (by myself).

The Truth:  it’s behaviorally impossible to do everything well. 

We are required to wear many hats at home and at work – visionary, bookkeeper, marketer, salesperson, administrator, homemaker, provider, partner, parent, the list is endless.

When you realize it’s impossible


Aug 27
The Power of One

As The Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the nation it’s important to recognize The Power of One.   We don’t achieve anything alone but it only takes ONE person to create momentum and make a difference in the lives of others.

The original Ice Buck Challenge started among professional golfers, either dump ice water on yourself or donate $100 to the charity of your choice.   Through the power of social media it traveled from ONE person to another reaching the wife of


Jul 23

Change happens the moment you decide.  Anything before then is “trying.”  The irony of “trying” is although you are doing something you aren’t doing what you set out to do otherwise you wouldn’t be trying you would be doing it.  “Trying” is the story we tell ourselves to soften the