Jan 23
Showing love

People show loved based on their behavioral style, not necessarily the way you want to be shown love. Do you love the people in your life exactly the way they are?…


Jan 22
In the Office – Not enough time to answer emails

Q. I work remotely so a lot of my work is online which means I spend a lot of time responding to emails and social media inquiries.  Many of the responses are the same but take time to write.  There isn’t enough time in my day to get everything done


Jan 18
Parenting Paragraph – Am I spoiling my baby?

Q: My baby cries a lot and is instantly soothed when I pick her up. My extended family says I’m spoiling her. Am I doing the wrong thing by picking her up?

A:  Great question! The most important thing for you to know as a parent is there is NO …


Jan 16
Why use DISC?

The DISC Assessment provides a deep understand of what motivates a person; use it to connect people to their cause…not yours.…


Jan 11
Parenting Paragraph – How to discipline my kids

Q:  When I grew up spanking was a common form of discipline but it is taboo now.  Are spankings bad for kids? 

A. Great question!  There is a lot of discussion available online around spanking vs. non-spanking; the goal here is to consider a different perspective.  What changes when you …


Jan 9
Depressed or Stuck?

Are you feeling depressed that you’re not where you want to be in life? It may be that you’re really just “stuck” because you’ve been comparing yourself to others. Learn to work in harmony with your behavioral style, and you’ll start to make progress.

Note: this is not intended to

Jan 8
In the Office – Feeling guilty for not working weekends

Q. I’m working for a start-up and I feel guilty when I’m not working at night and on weekends because I know there is so much to do.  I’m starting to feel burnout; how do take time for myself and not feel guilty? 

A. Great question! Guilt is the burden …


Jan 4
Parenting Paragraph – My son was being tormented

Q: My 11-year old son was being tormented by a couple of girls for half the school year and I didn’t know until the Dean call me. I’m concerned he let it go this long and I didn’t know anything about it, what should I do?

A. Great question! It’s …


Jan 2
The #1 Secret To Achieving Your Goals

The secret to achieving your goals is understanding how your brain works. Learn to ask the right questions so your brain can find the answers. Click here to download “The Questions We Ask Ourselves” and start asking the right questions!



Dec 28
Parenting Paragraph – Raising kids gender neutral

Q:  I am a new parent and want to raise my children without gender specific roles — how do I do that in a world of Barbies and Legos?

A. Great question!  Remember nothing has any meaning until you give it meaning.  If you give a boy Barbies and a …