Oct 3
Stop Looking for a Job and Find a Career!

When you understand who you are, and what positions best fit your behavioral style, you are able to stop looking for a job…and find a career that you will love and thrive in!

Click here to download the Ideal Career Worksheet to help you clarify the characteristics of your Ideal …


Sep 28
Parenting Corner – Balancing the Needs of My Family

Q: I have a child with autism and find his therapies/needs consume the majority of my time. I am happy to give him everything I have but worry I am neglecting my other kids even though they say they understand. How can I find a happy balance?

A. Great question!


Sep 26
The Changing Landscape of Leadership

Being a leader is no longer one size fits all; leaders need a new approach to connect to and inspire today’s employees. Learn how understanding behavior makes you a better leader for today’s workforce. 


Sep 25
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

A year ago I was selected to serve as a juror on a murder trial.  As a citizen of the United States, I take seriously the responsibilities of juror, but took for granted its importance until I served this significant, and yet, often dreaded role.  Because of my service, the …


Sep 21
Parenting Corner – My Kids Keep Forgetting Their School Stuff!

Q: My kids are constantly forgetting stuff they need for school and because I work from home they call expecting me to drop it off. It’s really frustrating for me to drive back and forth but I feel bad they don’t have what they need when I know I can


Sep 19
How To Figure Out What You Want


To find out what you want in life and business, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Questions like “why” and “how” are non-productive; learn the right questions to ask to help move you forward.…


Sep 14
Parenting Corner – Teaching Children About Money

Q: How do I teach my kids to be responsible with money when we live in a “keeping up with the Jones’s” society?

A:  Great Question! Since many of today’s adults were taught it’s inappropriate to talk about money, the conversations most kids hear on the subject revolve around paying …


Sep 12
Who Do You Allow in Your Life?


We are the culmination of the 5 people we spend the most time with; so who do you allow in your life? Identify the people who add to your life and those who subtract or drain energy from your  life. Click here to use the Who Inventory to help …


Sep 11
Work Smarter Not Harder

When working with a new business client, I always ask “who is your ideal client?”  The answer I hear most often is, “anyone who will pay me” or I’m given a varied and unconnected list of client profiles. It’s no wonder that people have issues with client retention, when they …


Sep 7
Parenting Corner – My Adult Child is Blaming Me For the Past!

Q. My adult daughter is going through some emotionally challenging situations and is blaming me and her dad because we divorced when she was a pre-teen. She refuses to have a conversation about her problems and refuses to see a therapist, do you have any tips?

A. Great Question!  Parenting …