Dec 26
Owning Your Truth

Frequently we stuff our feelings and blame someone else for making us feel hurt, for example. A healthier approach is to own your truth and say “You hurt my feelings”, and then allow yourself to move on. You get to choose how you feel.…


Dec 21
Parenting Paragraph – Making Amends

Q. We typically spend Christmas Eve with my parents but our relationship has become very strained, so this year I suggested to my kids we create new traditions.  Since they don’t know how tough it’s been with my parents they want to go to their grandparents.  Do I stay true


Dec 19
Different Approaches to Parenting

We tend to parent based on our behavioral style, and not our child’s. But just like you don’t feed a cat and dog the same food even though they are both animals, children have different emotional requirements and need different approaches to parenting.…


Dec 18
In the Office: Spending Too Much Time Meeting People

Q. Much of my work involves meeting with people inside and outside my company, which I enjoy but often that time is not productive for me.  I have a hard time saying no because I see it as part of my job which means I am doing the rest of


Dec 14
Parenting Paragraph – Controlling video game usage

Q:  My elementary school children want to play videos games the minute they come home from school. I don’t think it’s healthy but believe they deserve a fun activity of their choice after sitting in class all day; do you have suggestions?

A. Great question! It’s easy for people to …


Dec 12
Parenting Today

Do you feel like you are parenting all wrong? You might be. Often we parent based on our behavioral style not our child’s. Listen in to learn more.…


Dec 7
Parenting Paragraph – Home for the Holidays

Q: Since our children were young, we have traveled to see family for the holidays. Now they are getting older and have started to mention they want to stay home Christmas Day; what should I do?

A. Great question! The real question is what do YOU want to do? Some …


Dec 5
Your Life Experience is your #1 Job

Understanding your behavioral style will help you show up as your best self, at work and at home. Learn how LMT Consulting can help.…


Dec 4
In the Office – How do I find balance?

Q. My job is extremely demanding; how can I find a work-life balance?

A. Great question! Work-life balance is more of a counter-balance since it’s rare anyone can consistently split their time or attention 50/50. Even if you enjoy your work, it’s important to remember you teach people how to …


Nov 30
Parenting Paragraph – Our 4 year old is acting out!

Q. I recently had a new baby and our 4-year old daughter is acting out.  Sometimes I’m afraid she is going to hurt the baby.  What should I do?  

A. Great question! Remember, this is a big transition for your daughter. She has been the  main focus of your attention …